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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Techno underground water tanks

Techno underground water tanks with a spherical shape is designed to offer you a stable, firm, and required strength for storing water underneath. Our underground water tanks serve as an economical alternative of storing underground water when compared to septic water systems.
Unlike concrete septic water tanks that allows roots to penetrate through, and growth of uncontrollable algae, at Techno tanks we value quality for customers hence Techno tanks are manufactured with hygienic standards and strong enough to withstand root force to break through or sediments getting into the tank. This ensures safe water for drinking, and avoiding leakage.

Techno tanks underground water tanks solutions can be primarily used for:
1. Storing rain water, county water supply.
2. Storing safe drinking water.
3. Water for irrigation systems.
4. Waste water disposal, or as an underground cistern.

Techno underground tanks are easy to install, can be used both for commercial or domestic purposes.


Techno Silage Tanks

Techno silage tanks are manufactured in the same size as cesspools, and are used for the storage of more toxic natural or chemical waste. Techno silage tanks are manufactured using special UV plastic material designed to be resistant to agressive silage effluent and comply with all statutory regulations.

Preparation of Silage

Silage can be made from varied sources of fodder such as grass, sorghum, or maize that should be harvested at the right stage of growth to ensure their moisture content make them suitable for ensiling.

Chop the fresh fodder material to lengths of about an inch then empty them into your Techno silage tank to approximately 15cm high, spreading evenly to the first layer.