A water storage tank can be used to store and supply water especially in the rural areas. But how can you keep your water clean, hygienic and safe to drink? Below we outline some of the expert advice that can help store clean water.

7 Simple ways to protect the quality of water in your water storage tank

  1. Always Keep roof catchments, (including the gutters and down pipes) clean and clear of leaves. This can be achieved by regularly cleaning your roof and gutters especially before rainy seasons begin or frequently during windy season.
  2. Incase you have trees close to your roof, or water tank, remove overhanging branches of the trees, shrubs and potential perches for birds such as hanging wires, untrimmed fence, and TV antennas.
  3. Remember to put a cover to the inlet and overflow of your water tank. You can use a mesh to do this. This prevents birds, animals and insects from gaining direct access to the water which might contaminate your water, or worse if they drown.
  4. Ensure your tank has a cover to prevent light from reaching the water. Direct light encourages the growth of bacteria and algae inside your water tank. The cover should have a tightly sealed hatch, to allow access to the tank for cleaning and inspection purposes.
  5. Each rainy season always allow the first rains to rinse the roof and gutters by allowing that water run to waste. Do this to prevent the first portion of roof runoff, which is likely to collect contamination, from entering the tank.
  6. Ensure that guttering and pipework is self-draining, or fitted with drainage points to prevent corrosion and contamination by metal.
  7. Always perform regular maintenance of your whole water catchment system( from roof, to gutters, to your water storage tank. This is key to storing good quality water for domestic use.