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Techno Water Tanks – Durable Water Tanks

Techno Water Tanks. Durable with a lifetime capacity of up to 30 years. Strong enough to hold water for longer. Tough tanks for any weather. Does not break or sink during harsh weather.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing water tanks, we manufacture Regular Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Transportation Water Tanks, and Loft Water Tanks.

Techno Water Tanks


Happy Customer Service week 2019

For the consistency, Faithfulness, and Loyalty of you our customers, we as Techno Tanks wish to express gratitude and many thanks for standing with us for the past 25 years+. We could not be this far if it was not for you being part of us. We take this opportunity of wishing you a Happy Customer Service Week 2019. We promise to deliver more, covering larger areas than we have ever done, and extending our on-time delivery services for free.



Techno Loft Tanks

Providing water storage & transportation solutions are one of the major forays of Techno Tanks since its inception.

Techno Loft tanks are made of virgin material, with a slim and rectangular cube shape that easily finds its shelf space anywhere.

Its robust construction makes it capable of with-standing the weight and constant proximity of water. No seepage, no dampness and no rusting in your bathroom; it also saves on space.

Colored Techno-Tanks Loft-Tanks come with superior qualities and excellent characteristics. They are built seamless hence durable and hygienic.

Techno Loft tanks are available from 500L -1000L capacities.


Engineering students from S.c.l.p (Samaj college)

Today we had the privilege to Host Engineering students from S.c.l.p (Samaj college). The ambitious students had come to learn how we use Roto molding technology to manufacture the best water tanks in Kenya.

The students had the chance to take a tour inside our factory learning our production process;

Phase 1: Preparation of material

Phase 2: Heating process

Phase 3: Molding phase

Phase 4: Coolant

They were impressed by how we add several layers(more than 1). “This is done to enforce durability and enhancing the quality of our tanks making them last longer and through different seasons regardless of weather changes.” Paresh – Senior Productions Manager

After a whole cycle of the production process is complete, we hand over to our dispatch team for delivery.

Samaj College students next to a truck full of water tanks ready for dispatch to deliver quality material.

 Samaj students with our production team.




We Manufacture The biggest Roto Tank in Kenya (30,000 Litres).






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