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7 Simple ways to store hygienic water in your water storage tank

A water storage tank can be used to store and supply water especially in the rural areas. But how can you keep your water clean, hygienic and safe to drink? Below we outline some of the expert advice that can help store clean water.

7 Simple ways to protect the quality of water in your water storage tank

  1. Always Keep roof catchments, (including the gutters and down pipes) clean and clear of leaves. This can be achieved by regularly cleaning your roof and gutters especially before rainy seasons begin or frequently during windy season.
  2. Incase you have trees close to your roof, or water tank, remove overhanging branches of the trees, shrubs and potential perches for birds such as hanging wires, untrimmed fence, and TV antennas.
  3. Remember to put a cover to the inlet and overflow of your water tank. You can use a mesh to do this. This prevents birds, animals and insects from gaining direct access to the water which might contaminate your water, or worse if they drown.
  4. Ensure your tank has a cover to prevent light from reaching the water. Direct light encourages the growth of bacteria and algae inside your water tank. The cover should have a tightly sealed hatch, to allow access to the tank for cleaning and inspection purposes.
  5. Each rainy season always allow the first rains to rinse the roof and gutters by allowing that water run to waste. Do this to prevent the first portion of roof runoff, which is likely to collect contamination, from entering the tank.
  6. Ensure that guttering and pipework is self-draining, or fitted with drainage points to prevent corrosion and contamination by metal.
  7. Always perform regular maintenance of your whole water catchment system( from roof, to gutters, to your water storage tank. This is key to storing good quality water for domestic use.



High-quality water tanks for sale

There can be many reasons for needing a water tank for residential or commercial premises. Tanks for Everything provides customers with water tanks for use in many different situations – we offer both above and below ground plastic water storage tanks, cold water tanks, galvanized steel storage tanks, potable water tanks, underground water tanks, water bowsers and a range of food grade water containers that are more than suitable for water, chemical storage, waste water and general cold water storage. All of the tanks in our range are manufactured from high-quality materials to exacting standards. We also provide advice about which water tank is the best choice for different situations, such as portable water tanks, , rainwater harvesting tanks, plastic tanks, underground tanks and insulated water tanks.

Why do you need a water tank?

Water tanks have many different uses, such as collecting rainwater for domestic uses, such as using stored water for window cleaning and toilet flushing. The one thing that every efficient water tank should have in common is a robust design that enables it to perform as it should for a long period of time. This is why Tanks for Everything only sells high-quality water tanks. We have a range of products available, to provide for all of your water tank needs. Our full range includes a variety of Water tanks from potable water tanks and non-potable tanks, IBC’s, bladder tanks, water bowsers, underground tanks, conical tanks, horizontal, vertical and open water tanks, water butts, loft tanks and many more

  • Water butts, rainwater filters and taps.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Water storage tanks (above and below ground).
  • Loft and central heating water tanks.
  • Water troughs for animal drinking.

Hosting Engineering students at Techno Plast Water Tank

Hosting Engineering students at Techno Plast Water Tank

We Techno-Plast (Water Tank Manufacturers), On the 9th of July 2021, we had a precious opportunity to host Engineering students at our min plant in Industrial area.

During their visitation, they had a chance to learn how we use high Technology to manufacture the Best & Quality water tanks with Virgin materials. Our water tanks are manufactured with environmental friendly material & standards hence don’t keep algae.
All students were amazed by the fact that we have been manufacturing quality water tanks for over 25 years.
Techno Plast- Home of Quality water tanks.




Techno underground water tanks

Techno underground water tanks with a spherical shape is designed to offer you a stable, firm, and required strength for storing water underneath. Our underground water tanks serve as an economical alternative of storing underground water when compared to septic water systems.
Unlike concrete septic water tanks that allows roots to penetrate through, and growth of uncontrollable algae, at Techno tanks we value quality for customers hence Techno tanks are manufactured with hygienic standards and strong enough to withstand root force to break through or sediments getting into the tank. This ensures safe water for drinking, and avoiding leakage.

Techno tanks underground water tanks solutions can be primarily used for:
1. Storing rain water, county water supply.
2. Storing safe drinking water.
3. Water for irrigation systems.
4. Waste water disposal, or as an underground cistern.

Techno underground tanks are easy to install, can be used both for commercial or domestic purposes.


Techno Tanks dust / trash bins

Proper dumping solutions help organize an office, warehouse or home and improve its initial outlook appearance. In each and every warehouse, office, or home there are unique requirements. Techno tanks trash bins is a simple, yet proper trash bin solution that’s convenient and easy to move or change as needed helping you stay organized yet utilizing little floor space.

In addition to the potential cost and space savings provided by reusing/recycling our dirtbins, our plastic bins do not need treatment for pests yet they promise a more consistent quality and hygiene.

Our trash bins are designed and manufactured to fit together efficiently, allowing you to easily stack them for storage, which initially provides more additional benefits keeping your home, warehouse, or office space at a premium.

Techno tanks plastic bins have several advantages.
~They are manufactured with a smooth, fine surface that does not absorb moisture or chemicals.
~They are so easy to clean, dry and sanitize.
~They do not harbor bacteria or disease organisms.
~Resistant to tough climatic conditions and weathering.
~Safe from damage and water absorption.
~They come with a tight lid that provides safer and easier stacking.
~Techno tanks Plastic bins can be recycled, lasts longer and always look neat on your compound, ofice or home.


Techno Loft Tanks

Providing water storage & transportation solutions are one of the major forays of Techno Tanks since its inception.

Techno Loft tanks are made of virgin material, with a slim and rectangular cube shape that easily finds its shelf space anywhere.

Its robust construction makes it capable of with-standing the weight and constant proximity of water. No seepage, no dampness and no rusting in your bathroom; it also saves on space.

Colored Techno-Tanks Loft-Tanks come with superior qualities and excellent characteristics. They are built seamless hence durable and hygienic.

Techno Loft tanks are available from 500L -1000L capacities.


Techno Silage Tanks

Techno silage tanks are manufactured in the same size as cesspools, and are used for the storage of more toxic natural or chemical waste. Techno silage tanks are manufactured using special UV plastic material designed to be resistant to agressive silage effluent and comply with all statutory regulations.

Preparation of Silage

Silage can be made from varied sources of fodder such as grass, sorghum, or maize that should be harvested at the right stage of growth to ensure their moisture content make them suitable for ensiling.

Chop the fresh fodder material to lengths of about an inch then empty them into your Techno silage tank to approximately 15cm high, spreading evenly to the first layer.





Techno Water Tanks – Durable Water Tanks

Techno Water Tanks. Durable with a lifetime capacity of up to 30 years. Strong enough to hold water for longer. Tough tanks for any weather. Does not break or sink during harsh weather.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing water tanks, we manufacture Regular Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Transportation Water Tanks, and Loft Water Tanks.

Techno Water Tanks


Happy Customer Service week 2019

For the consistency, Faithfulness, and Loyalty of you our customers, we as Techno Tanks wish to express gratitude and many thanks for standing with us for the past 25 years+. We could not be this far if it was not for you being part of us. We take this opportunity of wishing you a Happy Customer Service Week 2019. We promise to deliver more, covering larger areas than we have ever done, and extending our on-time delivery services for free.




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