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Hosting Engineering students at Techno Plast Water Tank

Hosting Engineering students at Techno Plast Water Tank

We Techno-Plast (Water Tank Manufacturers), On the 9th of July 2021, we had a precious opportunity to host Engineering students at our min plant in Industrial area.

During their visitation, they had a chance to learn how we use high Technology to manufacture the Best & Quality water tanks with Virgin materials. Our water tanks are manufactured with environmental friendly material & standards hence don’t keep algae.
All students were amazed by the fact that we have been manufacturing quality water tanks for over 25 years.
Techno Plast- Home of Quality water tanks.




Know The Common Types Of Water Storage Tanks Before Buying One

Installing a water storage tank in your house is always a wise idea as it can help homeowners save money on water costs. You can use the water you are storing for a wide variety of purposes. The tanks act as an emergency supply of water for homeowners. They are quite versatile, affordable and an integral part of every property.

If you want to invest in the right water storage tank, know the common types of tanks available in the market and the benefits offered by each. Specific tanks are suitable for certain kinds of water. For example, you can’t install a loft tank below the ground.You also need to ensure that you are not storing drinking water in tanks which can make the water unsafe.

The Common Types Of Water Storage Tanks

  • Underground Tanks

Underground water tanks are generally made using fibre glass as the material is non-corrosive. Being versatile, they are ideal for commercial industries in Kenya. One of the primary reasons why business owners prefer installing underground tanks is because they help in saving space. You can use the tanks to store a large amount of water without compromising on the available land.


  • Carbon Welded Steel Tanks

Some water tank manufacturers prefer making tanks with carbon welded steel as the material is durable and strong. Install carbon welded steel tanks instead of concrete tanks and you don’t have to worry about Lyme leaching. They offer much versatility as far as their construction and uses are concerned. You can either choose from stainless or galvanised steel tanks or use them to store potable water or wastewater.


  • Pillow Tanks

The pillow tanks are generally preferred by those looking for versatile underground water tanks. Not only are they capable of storing a large amount of water but are also more affordable than other types of tanks. They are generally used to store wastewater and potable water. Anyone can install it quickly and the tanks are completely customisable. Let the water tank manufacturer know the size of the tank you are looking for and they will customise the pillow tank to make it the right fit for you.


  • Corrugated Steel Tanks

Corrugated steel tanks are widely preferred by homeowners looking for durable tanks which can last for years with minimal maintenance. They are considered to be a better alternative to concrete tanks. These tanks come in various sizes. Buy corrugated steel water storage tanks in Kenya and you can use them to store a lot of water. They are generally used to store wastewater, potable water or irrigation water.

Get in touch with Techno Plast Ltd and install the right tank in your property.


Some Benefits Of Plastic Water Tanks You May Not Be Aware Of

Water is something we need every day for various tasks. You need a continuous supply of clean water to carry on with your daily chores. The easiest way you can avoid water shortage is by installing a water tank in your commercial or residential property.

Not only can you use the reserved water for cooking and drinking but also livestock, irrigation and agriculture. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for plastic water tanks as they offer numerous benefits and have high chemical resistance properties.

Reasons To Buy Plastic Water Tanks In Kenya

  • Durable

The durability of plastic tanks is better than other tank varieties because of the manufacturing process. Though you can install a steel tank as well, they might rust over time. Plastic tanks, on the other hand, can last for years without corroding. Reputable suppliers of water tanks Kenya use advanced manufacturing process to produce quality tanks with more durability. They are lightweight and can be transferred on-site with ease.

  • Affordable

Since the process of manufacturing plastic tanks is quite cost-effective, suppliers of tanks in Kenya offer them at competitive prices. Understand your water storage needs and you can buy a large one at an affordable price. You can even customise them to suit your needs. The same manufacturing process is used for both large and small tanks.

  • Versatile Design

Choose a reputable manufacturer of plastic water tanks in Kenya and they will let you select from a wide variety of designs and shapes. Since tanks are manufactured by melting plastic, it takes the shape of the mould. The manufacturer can enjoy much freedom as far as designs are concerned and play around with shapes and designs. Some of them even excel in creating complex water tanks.

  • Size

It is not only about the design; you can even choose water tanks from a wide variety of sizes. Discuss your specific need with the manufacturer and they will advice you accordingly.

Please contact Techno Plast Limited today.


All You Need to Know Before Getting a Water Storage Tank

Water storage tanks in Kenya come in varied sizes, shapes, and colours. You invest in a tank to fulfil the purposes you want the tank for. It is not very difficult to find the right tank as several water tank manufacturers are offering the best-in-class range to cater to your specific needs. There are different types of tanks available, including overhead and underground tanks. The loft tanks are the popular choices and are different than the other available varieties.  They are meant to be installed in lofts within the house. They are an excellent fit for the urban settings and can be easily installed in lofts in the kitchen or any other place in your home. The loft tanks in Kenya also perform various purposes and are useful choices for the household.

The overhead tanks happen to be another option positioned at the rooftop of your house or at some other facility based on the usages. They are used for both residential and commercial needs. They come in various colours and capacities. They need larger space for installation and maintenance cost is also far higher than the loft tanks.

The water tank manufacturers offer storage options bearing high quality and international standards. These water tanks are kenya made of materials that make them leak-proof, smell-free, clean, and safe for use. They are durable choices with excellent features. The materials are food-grade, and so the tanks are safe and hygienic for storing drinking water. There is a minimum requirement for cleaning and maintaining, and the water within remains fresh for a long time. The cost of the tanks remains optimum, and there is no need to compromise on the quality of the tank. Such exquisite features no doubt offer a reason to invest in one, and the experience won’t disappoint you for sure.

Here are some of the unique features everyone looks for while getting a water storage tank:

  • The material should be algae-resistant to keep the water inside pure at all time.
  • The structure of the roof with moulded supports prevent the tank from collapsing from exposure to hot sun rays.
  • The ribbed structure of the tank eliminates the chance of getting bulges around the tank.
  • The single mould structure makes the tanks seamless with safety against leaks.
  • Check the warranty while getting the tank. It should be at least ten years.
  • The tank must come with robust built-in lifting and tie-down locations to handle it with ease.
  • The colour distribution should be optimum preventing light penetrating the lighter shades.
  • The material should be protected against Ultra-violet (UV rays).
  • The water stored inside must be safe against contamination, and that’s the reason the materials used in manufacturing the tank must possibly be FDA approved.


If you check each of these points well before getting the tank, then the deal is going to be effective. Or else, opt for Techno Plast Tank for the perfect opportunity.


6 Tips for Buying a Water Storage Tank – Know before You Buy

Be it a commercial property, an industrial unit or a residential one, the need for water storage tanks is universal. There are many companies that manufacture and supply high quality water storage tanks in Kenya. Before investing in such products, you need to understand a few vital factors that determine the quality of these tanks.

As the buyer, you should keep a few points in mind while buying a water tank for your property.

Important Things to Note


The Purpose of Buying the Tank

Why do you need to buy the tank? Is it for commercial property or for your personal use? The tank that is suitable for a residential purpose cannot serve the industrial or commercial clients rightly. Hence, check your requirements first and then determine the right type of tank for yourself.

What Materials Are Used

Check the materials that are used in the tank to ensure safety and durability. Using tanks made by poor quality materials will put your health in risk. Moreover, they will not withstand the challenging weather conditions. You should look for water tanks made by 100% virgin material which will ensure the longest lifespan.

Does the Product Come with a Guarantee

Look for  water tanks that come with a guarantee to understand the quality of the products. The higher the quality, the better the warranty you can expect to have. In general, the top manufacturers of tanks in Kenya offer a minimum of 30 years of guarantee (If Manufacture fault) for their products to ensure a superior service to their clients.

Has the Tank Tested and Passed the QC Analysis

Before you purchase the tank from a certain manufacturer, get information about their Quality Check and Analysis procedure. The tank must go through a strict QC process before coming into the market for the final use. Ensure that the tank you are buying has passed such tests and received the best scores. This will ensure the high quality of the products and the longevity of the same as well.

What is the Experience and Reputation of the Manufacturer

Always buy loft tanks or water storage tanks in Kenya from the companies that have a significant reputation in the local market. The company should be involved in tank manufacturing and supplying for several years and have a great reputation in the market for their standard of products and services.

Know Your Requirements

Do some research about the tanks and their sizes available in the market. Try to get information about the suitable size and pattern of your water tanks from the manufacturer to get the right product within your budget.

Techno Plast Tank is not an ordinary tank manufacturing company in Kenya. We have earned our reputation and credibility in the market for our high-quality products and flawless customer services.

For over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with the best products in the market with more than 30 years of guarantee.

For more information, please get in touch with us.