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7 Simple ways to store hygienic water in your water storage tank

A water storage tank can be used to store and supply water especially in the rural areas. But how can you keep your water clean, hygienic and safe to drink? Below we outline some of the expert advice that can help store clean water.

7 Simple ways to protect the quality of water in your water storage tank

  1. Always Keep roof catchments, (including the gutters and down pipes) clean and clear of leaves. This can be achieved by regularly cleaning your roof and gutters especially before rainy seasons begin or frequently during windy season.
  2. Incase you have trees close to your roof, or water tank, remove overhanging branches of the trees, shrubs and potential perches for birds such as hanging wires, untrimmed fence, and TV antennas.
  3. Remember to put a cover to the inlet and overflow of your water tank. You can use a mesh to do this. This prevents birds, animals and insects from gaining direct access to the water which might contaminate your water, or worse if they drown.
  4. Ensure your tank has a cover to prevent light from reaching the water. Direct light encourages the growth of bacteria and algae inside your water tank. The cover should have a tightly sealed hatch, to allow access to the tank for cleaning and inspection purposes.
  5. Each rainy season always allow the first rains to rinse the roof and gutters by allowing that water run to waste. Do this to prevent the first portion of roof runoff, which is likely to collect contamination, from entering the tank.
  6. Ensure that guttering and pipework is self-draining, or fitted with drainage points to prevent corrosion and contamination by metal.
  7. Always perform regular maintenance of your whole water catchment system( from roof, to gutters, to your water storage tank. This is key to storing good quality water for domestic use.



Explore Various Benefits of Underground Water Tanks

When installing a new water tank in their property, owners often get confused between underground and overground options. Both have some pros and cons. As per underground tanks manufacturers, their products are suitable for all types of properties.

However, this is just one of many reasons to choose and install an underground water storage unit on your property.

Why Underground Tanks Are Good?


More Economical Option: In comparison to metal and ferro-cement tanks, these units are a more economical option for most property owners in Kenya.

Suitable for Multiple Use: From irrigation to harvesting and water gardens – these tanks are suitable for multiple uses to match your requirements.

Backup Water Source: Water stored in underground water storage tanks can be used as a backup source of water in emergencies.

Easy to Install: You can install them beneath your driveway or lawn without making any specific or separate arrangement for the container.

Cost-Effective: Underground water storage units do not need any particular space or platform, which will save your money.

Safe and Fresh Water: These tanks are manufactured with special UV stabilized materials that keep the water fresh and free from any odour.

Durable and Reliable: Materials used to build these tanks are durable and capable of withstanding pressure regularly. You can use this water for fire fighting as well.

If you think that your property needs an underground water storage container, Please contact Techno Plast Limited. Discuss your requirements with them so that they can recommend a suitable product as per your needs.

Techno Plast Ltd offers a wide range of water tanks, including underground units. Their products are made of high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and efficiency.

Please visit their website to obtain more information.


Water Storage Tanks: When and How They Can Be Useful?

The job of a Water Storage Tanks is simple; storing water and supplying it as per the needs of users. It holds water that comes from a central water supply system or other water filter systems so that you can use it later as per your requirements. When you decide to shop for tanks in Kenya, you would be amazed to see the wide range of products. These tanks are available in various sizes, materials, designs and specifications.

One can see the use of water storage tanks in Kenya in different sectors. Residential, commercial and industrial water storage units are very popular in the local market.

The Common Uses of Water Storage Tanks

Storing Drinking Water: Be it your office or home, you can store drinking water in these tanks. The tank will receive the water from your reverse osmosis system or your area’s central water supply system. You can get it right from the tank anytime you want.

Use for Household Works: That same water can be used for everyday household chores in your home. From bathing to washing dishes – you can use that water daily for various tasks.

Irrigation and Landscaping: You can use water storage containers to store water for landscaping and irrigation tasks. These tanks will become a large supply of water daily for your lawn, garden, landscape and farming fields.

Fire Fighting: Areas that have threats of sudden fire breakout should have water storage tanks to store water that can be used for fire fighting. You can use large pipes and pumps to use the water directly from the tank to the fire-affected areas.

Industrial and Commercial Areas: Apart from residential areas, there are various commercial and industrial sectors where these tanks are highly useful. Water is stored in these areas for daily operations and manufacturing of goods. From agriculture to construction – the list of areas is quite long.

Emergency: In case of emergency uses, one can use underground water tanks to store and supply water for various purposes. If your regular water supply is stopped due to some unavoidable reasons, you can use the water stored in these tanks for several days.

Buying the Right Tank

With so many options and varieties in the market, you might find it confusing to choose the right tank. It would help if you focused on;

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Pattern
  4. Cost
  5. Manufacturer

A good manufacturer and supplier always help clients to find the most accurate product as per their preferences.

Techno Plast Limited has vast experience in the industry of water storage tanks manufacturing and supplying in Kenya. We have a wide range of tanks that can be used for different purposes.

Please get in touch with us to know other details about our products.


When Should You Replace or Repair Plastic Water Tanks – Rain Water Tanks?

Plastic water tanks used as Rainwater tanks are highly useful. Regular wear and tear or sudden accidents and natural calamities can cause considerable damages to the rainwater tank. The result is an inefficient performance of the tank, which can lead to many additional hazards.

For plastic rainwater tanks, leakages or cracks can occur. A routine repair or an outright replacement can solve the same easily. However, some property owners in Kenya may fail to understand whether their water tank needs a repair or a replacement.

It is crucial to know about both the replacement and repair process of plastic rainwater tanks before you invest in one.

Repair or Replacement: The Best Option for Your Plastic Water Tanks

Common and routine maintenance is required for all types of rainwater storage units; irrespective of their material, make, model and size. You need to call the experts and ask them to inspect the quality of the container once in a while. Regular maintenance, along with routine repair, will ensure a long life for your water storage tanks.

Repairing the tank means addressing the existing issues and finding the right way to get rid of them. In some cases, a small repair of the leakage can solve the matter. In other cases, something more intense is required to deliver the desired result. The tank will again become efficient and functional after repairing.

If your tank repairing expert finds that the damage is severe, and repairing will not be enough to get back its efficiency, he might suggest a replacement. The replacement of the tank is a more critical procedure since a lot of additional permission and tasks are involved with the same. Moreover, replacing a huge tank from the top of a big building is not easy. It demands competent labour with high skill and vast experience.

How Easy It Is to Repair a Rainwater Tank?

Plastic rainwater tanks can be repaired easily. However, the degree of the damage will determine what type of repairing job should be done on that container. If the damage is severe enough, a replacement will be a more useful option than repairing. Routine repair may offer you a temporary solution for such deeply-rooted issues.

At Techno Plast Limited, we offer high-quality rainwater tanks at affordable prices. Our tanks are durable and suitable for all types of properties.

Please get in touch with us for more details.


Choose The Right Type Of Water Storage Tanks According To Your Use

If you want to choose the right type of water storage tanks, the first thing you have to consider is your needs. The type of tank you should install to store rainwater in your house is completely different from that installed in an industry to store chemicals. When you buy a storage tank after considering the material you will store in it, you can stay assured of getting them at their best price, purpose, and quality. You can also choose the right tank manufacturer. The common types of tanks are above-ground water tanks, underground water tanks, industrial tanks, conical tanks, and chemical tanks.

The Common Types Of Water Storage Tanks According To Their Use


  • Rainwater Storage Tank

Water is an integral part of our life as it is the reason for survival for both plants and animals. If you want to store it in such a way so that it doesn’t evaporate, install above ground or underground water storage tanks in Kenya. You can use them to store rainwater. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, starting from 50 litres to 40000 litres. Generally, these tanks have a simple structure and are offered at an affordable price. You can easily install them on a concrete pad.


  • Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Potable water storage tanks are quite popular as they are widely used to store water for various domestic applications. They are generally made using rotationally moulded plastic and their size ranges from 150 litres to 90,000 litres. To make the water safe for drinking, manufacturers of water storage tanks in Kenya often use food-grade polythene to make them. It also helps in ensuring its durability. They are UV stabilised so you can use them for years with minimal maintenance.


  • Transporting Water Storage Tanks

If you are looking for water storage tanks which can be used to transport liquid like water or liquid fertilisers, choose horizontal transport tanks. They are specially designed for the transportation of liquid. You can mount them on any flat surface without using mounting frames. They can resist high impact. A unique feature of horizontal transport tanks is that they are approved for storing potable water. Sometimes, they are also used as sprayer tanks.

Choose an experienced manufacturer like Techno Plast Ltd and they will let you choose from a wide variety of water storage tanks.


Which Water Storage Tank Is Good for Commercial Properties

Water storage is one of the prime concerns for commercial property owners in Kenya. They often look for top water tank manufacturers in Kenya who can offer the best products at the right price.

While shopping for the most useful water storage tank for a commercial property, one should know all the types of tanks available in the market. The options are many. You should choose the right one based on your requirement and budget. Not all tanks are good for indoor use. Some need to be placed outdoor, and you should choose them accordingly.

Some of the Most Common Types of Tanks

  • Underground Fibreglass Tanks: These tanks are versatile and highly recommended for commercial uses. You can save space with underground tanks.
  • Folding Tanks: If you find it difficult to store water for a regular supply, you can look for folding tanks. They are easy to set up as per your specific requirements. When you need water supply in remote farms or firefighting situations, you can consider these tanks.
  • Steel Tanks: When you need large storage capability for your commercial property, steel tank is the right option for you. You can store a lot of water in these tanks for commercial and industrial use.
  • Plastic Tanks: Plastic water tanks are probably the most used type of tanks in Kenya. They are widely used for both domestic and commercial use. They come with multiple benefits which make them an easy and right choice for commercial properties located in Nairobi and adjoining areas.

Benefits of Plastic Water Tanks

  1. Plastic water tanks are lighter than steel and other types of tanks. You can easily transport and install them.
  2. Since they are light in weight, they are easy-to-position at your commercial property. These tanks can sit on any flat surface.
  3. A wide range of plastic tanks is available in Kenya. You can have short and tall plastic water storage tanks in Kenya to fulfil your need for storing water for commercial purposes.
  4. Long-lasting plastic tanks can be an excellent investment for every business owner. They are rust and corrosion-resistant. Hence, you can enjoy their service for a more extended period.
  5. You can easily use the water stored in plastic tanks for drinking, cooking and other purposes because they are not toxic and do not have any negative impact on human health.

Techno Plast Limited manufacture and supply top quality water storage tanks for domestic and commercial properties in Kenya. You can get the details of all our products when you visit our website. Please get in touch with us for more information.


Know Why Plastic Rainwater Tanks Are Always High on Demand

The importance of rainwater tanks for your home cannot be ignored. Freshwater is depleting around the world quickly and installing rainwater tanks is one of the sustainable solutions you can start with. You can use the water for various purposes like cleaning, irrigation or as alternative energy. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by rainwater tanks, make sure you install the right product.

Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for rainwater tanks. Though tanks made of steel or fibreglass are also popular, plastic is preferred for its simple and robust nature. If poor-quality steel is used, it can lead to corrosion. It might compromise your safety and deteriorate the quality of water in the tank. On the other hand, plastic water tanks in Kenya can be easily assembled and are quite affordable.

Some Benefits Of Using Plastic Rainwater Tanks In Kenya


  • Easy Handling And Installation

One of the primary benefits of installing rainwater tanks made of plastic instead of steel or concrete is that the former is comparatively lightweight. You can handle and install them with ease. The tanks offered by Techno Plast Ltd. are portable so you can transport them according to your requirement. You can move them in small properties easily during a home renovation.


  • Easy Maintenance

Though plastic is lightweight, it is quite hardy and capable of enduring varying weather conditions. They do not require regular maintenance like steel tanks. You do not even have to paint them frequently to prevent corrosion. They are quite durable and don’t require internal inspections for leakages often. There is a very low chance for leaks to develop in plastic water storage tanks Kenya because of material degradation. A few scheduled clean-up sessions will keep the rainwater clean for a longer period of time.


  • Cost-Effective

Visit an experienced installer of plastic tanks in Kenya and they will let you choose from a wide variety of tanks at affordable prices. They value their reputation and manufacture tanks with high-quality plastic. If you are on a tight budget and planning to install a rainwater tank, plastic tanks will be the right choice. Their lightweight construction will let you transport them easily. They have lower repair and replacement costs because of their durable structure.

Since there are so many benefits of installing plastic rainwater tanks in your property, it’s time you get in touch with Techno Plast Limited for quality tanks at fair prices.


Planning To Install A Water Storage Tank? First Know How They Work

The best way you can deal with a sudden water crisis or avoid one is by installing a water storage tank. They are used all over the world to collect water which can be used later when required. You can get fresh water whenever you turn on the kitchen faucet because it is carried from the tank to your tap. You don’t have to wait for hours to fill up a glass of water. There are a few areas in Kenya with low water pressure. Install pressure water tanks in Kenya and you can enjoy immediate access to water.

Know The Shape And Size

Visit one of the renowned water tank manufacturers and they will let you choose from a wide variety of tanks in different shapes, sizes and configurations. Discuss your water treatment needs with the manufacturer and they will advise on the best tank to choose. If you want to install a tank which can store well water or rainwater, choose one of the large, outdoor atmospheric tanks. The UV inhibitors in the tank prevent algae or bacterial growth in it.

The Working Mechanism Of Water Storage Tanks

Choosing the right water storage tank for your home or office will become easier if you are aware of the working mechanism of water storage tanks. The primary task of these tanks is to store clean water until you need them in your home or office. The tank collects water until it becomes full. You can enjoy uninterrupted access to clean water regularly. Generally, there are two types of water storage tanks. They are atmospheric tanks and pressure tanks. You might have to install pressure tanks if you need them for applications like reverse osmosis storage tanks.

What Are Pressure Water Tanks? How Do They Work?

When compressed air is used to create water pressure in the tank, it is known as pressure tanks. Manufacturers of water storage tanks in Kenya specifically design the tank with a bladder inside it. When water is poured into the tank, its weight compresses the air. Pressure keeps on accumulating inside the tank until you release the water. As a result, you can get pressurised water from your kitchen sink. They work by combining the power of both air and water to generate pressure in the tank.

What Are Atmospheric Water Tanks? How Do They Work?

Atmospheric Water Tanks don’t have the diaphragms or air bladders. Instead of pressuring water inside the tank reservoir, these tanks hold water at ambient pressure. They are generally used to store liquids like crude oil, chemicals or acids. Almost every gas station has underground storage tanks where gasoline is stored at atmospheric pressure. A water booster pump is used to move water out of the tank and through the pipes. Generally, atmospheric tanks are larger than pressure tanks.

Contact Techno Plast Limited for your water storage needs.


How To Keep Your Water Tank Cool

Water tanks are one of the best solutions for storing water for daily use. Most people like to install it on the rooftop. With the dry season taking a large chunk of the year in Kenya, the heat is inevitable. The sun rays and heat can be felt all year long. Water storage tanks in Kenya can get hot due to the high temperature. It gets very uncomfortable when you have to use hot water for your daily activities. You don’t have to take the water out and wait for it to cool down. Instead, you can try the tips mentioned below to keep the water in the tank cooler.


  • Use a protective cover. There are covers available in the market that can cover the whole tank. They are specifically designed to keep the tank, and subsequently the water, cooler.
  • Paint the tank in a reflective colour. As you may know, the dark colours absorb light the most. Most plastic tanks in Kenya are dark in colour. Painting them in a lighter colour like white will disperse light and heat, keeping the water cooler.
  • Keep the tank away from direct sunlight. The water in tanks heats up because of the rays of the sun. If you install it in an enclosed space, the problem is solved. You can also build a shed on it or cover it with a small garden and plants to guard against the direct sunlight.
  • Don’t forget the pipes. Water doesn’t only heat up in the tank; the water in the pipe gets hot as well. Insulate the pipes also when you are taking care of the tank. You can use a variety of insulating materials available in the market. Depending upon your need and budget, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.


These are some of the few ways to keep the water cool in storage tanks. Don’t forget to use good quality, well-built water tanks Kenya for your use. You can get one from Techno Plast Ltd. They offer a variety of tanks to their customers.



Some Benefits Of Plastic Water Tanks You May Not Be Aware Of

Water is something we need every day for various tasks. You need a continuous supply of clean water to carry on with your daily chores. The easiest way you can avoid water shortage is by installing a water tank in your commercial or residential property.

Not only can you use the reserved water for cooking and drinking but also livestock, irrigation and agriculture. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for plastic water tanks as they offer numerous benefits and have high chemical resistance properties.

Reasons To Buy Plastic Water Tanks In Kenya

  • Durable

The durability of plastic tanks is better than other tank varieties because of the manufacturing process. Though you can install a steel tank as well, they might rust over time. Plastic tanks, on the other hand, can last for years without corroding. Reputable suppliers of water tanks Kenya use advanced manufacturing process to produce quality tanks with more durability. They are lightweight and can be transferred on-site with ease.

  • Affordable

Since the process of manufacturing plastic tanks is quite cost-effective, suppliers of tanks in Kenya offer them at competitive prices. Understand your water storage needs and you can buy a large one at an affordable price. You can even customise them to suit your needs. The same manufacturing process is used for both large and small tanks.

  • Versatile Design

Choose a reputable manufacturer of plastic water tanks in Kenya and they will let you select from a wide variety of designs and shapes. Since tanks are manufactured by melting plastic, it takes the shape of the mould. The manufacturer can enjoy much freedom as far as designs are concerned and play around with shapes and designs. Some of them even excel in creating complex water tanks.

  • Size

It is not only about the design; you can even choose water tanks from a wide variety of sizes. Discuss your specific need with the manufacturer and they will advice you accordingly.

Please contact Techno Plast Limited today.