If you want to choose the right type of water storage tanks, the first thing you have to consider is your needs. The type of tank you should install to store rainwater in your house is completely different from that installed in an industry to store chemicals. When you buy a storage tank after considering the material you will store in it, you can stay assured of getting them at their best price, purpose, and quality. You can also choose the right tank manufacturer. The common types of tanks are above-ground water tanks, underground water tanks, industrial tanks, conical tanks, and chemical tanks.

The Common Types Of Water Storage Tanks According To Their Use


  • Rainwater Storage Tank

Water is an integral part of our life as it is the reason for survival for both plants and animals. If you want to store it in such a way so that it doesn’t evaporate, install above ground or underground water storage tanks in Kenya. You can use them to store rainwater. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, starting from 50 litres to 40000 litres. Generally, these tanks have a simple structure and are offered at an affordable price. You can easily install them on a concrete pad.


  • Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Potable water storage tanks are quite popular as they are widely used to store water for various domestic applications. They are generally made using rotationally moulded plastic and their size ranges from 150 litres to 90,000 litres. To make the water safe for drinking, manufacturers of water storage tanks in Kenya often use food-grade polythene to make them. It also helps in ensuring its durability. They are UV stabilised so you can use them for years with minimal maintenance.


  • Transporting Water Storage Tanks

If you are looking for water storage tanks which can be used to transport liquid like water or liquid fertilisers, choose horizontal transport tanks. They are specially designed for the transportation of liquid. You can mount them on any flat surface without using mounting frames. They can resist high impact. A unique feature of horizontal transport tanks is that they are approved for storing potable water. Sometimes, they are also used as sprayer tanks.

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