Water tanks are one of the best solutions for storing water for daily use. Most people like to install it on the rooftop. With the dry season taking a large chunk of the year in Kenya, the heat is inevitable. The sun rays and heat can be felt all year long. Water storage tanks in Kenya can get hot due to the high temperature. It gets very uncomfortable when you have to use hot water for your daily activities. You don’t have to take the water out and wait for it to cool down. Instead, you can try the tips mentioned below to keep the water in the tank cooler.


  • Use a protective cover. There are covers available in the market that can cover the whole tank. They are specifically designed to keep the tank, and subsequently the water, cooler.
  • Paint the tank in a reflective colour. As you may know, the dark colours absorb light the most. Most plastic tanks in Kenya are dark in colour. Painting them in a lighter colour like white will disperse light and heat, keeping the water cooler.
  • Keep the tank away from direct sunlight. The water in tanks heats up because of the rays of the sun. If you install it in an enclosed space, the problem is solved. You can also build a shed on it or cover it with a small garden and plants to guard against the direct sunlight.
  • Don’t forget the pipes. Water doesn’t only heat up in the tank; the water in the pipe gets hot as well. Insulate the pipes also when you are taking care of the tank. You can use a variety of insulating materials available in the market. Depending upon your need and budget, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.


These are some of the few ways to keep the water cool in storage tanks. Don’t forget to use good quality, well-built water tanks Kenya for your use. You can get one from Techno Plast Ltd. They offer a variety of tanks to their customers.