The best way you can deal with a sudden water crisis or avoid one is by installing a water storage tank. They are used all over the world to collect water which can be used later when required. You can get fresh water whenever you turn on the kitchen faucet because it is carried from the tank to your tap. You don’t have to wait for hours to fill up a glass of water. There are a few areas in Kenya with low water pressure. Install pressure water tanks in Kenya and you can enjoy immediate access to water.

Know The Shape And Size

Visit one of the renowned water tank manufacturers and they will let you choose from a wide variety of tanks in different shapes, sizes and configurations. Discuss your water treatment needs with the manufacturer and they will advise on the best tank to choose. If you want to install a tank which can store well water or rainwater, choose one of the large, outdoor atmospheric tanks. The UV inhibitors in the tank prevent algae or bacterial growth in it.

The Working Mechanism Of Water Storage Tanks

Choosing the right water storage tank for your home or office will become easier if you are aware of the working mechanism of water storage tanks. The primary task of these tanks is to store clean water until you need them in your home or office. The tank collects water until it becomes full. You can enjoy uninterrupted access to clean water regularly. Generally, there are two types of water storage tanks. They are atmospheric tanks and pressure tanks. You might have to install pressure tanks if you need them for applications like reverse osmosis storage tanks.

What Are Pressure Water Tanks? How Do They Work?

When compressed air is used to create water pressure in the tank, it is known as pressure tanks. Manufacturers of water storage tanks in Kenya specifically design the tank with a bladder inside it. When water is poured into the tank, its weight compresses the air. Pressure keeps on accumulating inside the tank until you release the water. As a result, you can get pressurised water from your kitchen sink. They work by combining the power of both air and water to generate pressure in the tank.

What Are Atmospheric Water Tanks? How Do They Work?

Atmospheric Water Tanks don’t have the diaphragms or air bladders. Instead of pressuring water inside the tank reservoir, these tanks hold water at ambient pressure. They are generally used to store liquids like crude oil, chemicals or acids. Almost every gas station has underground storage tanks where gasoline is stored at atmospheric pressure. A water booster pump is used to move water out of the tank and through the pipes. Generally, atmospheric tanks are larger than pressure tanks.

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