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Top 5 Benefits of Having Underground Water Tanks at Your Property

There can be above-ground or underground water tanks that can be used as the prime source of water at your property. While you can usually see above-ground water tanks in most of the properties in Kenya, an underground water tank is a good alternative to this method. Both the commercial and the residential properties can have underground water tanks in Kenya and enjoy some distinct benefits of the same.

Before you invest in any of these types of water tanks, it will be good for you to know about the advantages of underground water tanks.

What Is An Underground Water Tank

As the name suggests, this is a kind of storage device that is installed under the ground with the purpose of storing water; mainly rainwater. These tanks are specially designed not to leak. Moreover, they are installed in such a manner that only water can get into them, but they will not let in insects or any kind of contamination.

You should buy the products from the top water tank manufacturers in Kenya to obtain the best underground tanks for your property.

The Top Advantages

  1. You can install them anywhere under the ground at your property. Ideally, they should be placed under the driveways or the lawn. Hence, you can save a good amount of space when you choose underground water tanks over the conventional above-ground ones.
  2. Since they are underground, aesthetically they do not have any existence in your property. Therefore, the exterior design or plan of your property does not need any changes because of the underground tank installation. These tanks will not have any impact on the curb appeal of your property.
  3. Underground tanks in Kenya are safe from any type of tampering, damage or vandalism. Even if there is heavy rain, hailstorm or cyclone happening in your area, that underground tank will remain safe and unharmed, unlike the over ground water tanks.
  4. You can keep the water stored in your underground water tanks as a reserved alternative whenever the city water supply is down. That means you do not need to get worried about the low supply of city water. You do not need to face water crisis when you have rainwater stored inside your underground water tanks.
  5. These types of water tanks Kenya can be used in all kinds of properties. Whether it is a commercial property, an industrial unit or a residential one – you can ask the best tank manufacturers and installer to work on your property and get the best underground water tanks.

These tanks must be manufactured and installed by experienced and reliable tank supply companies. You can have Techno Plast Tank right beside you for this. We have been doing this business for several years and have gained a reputation in the market for our top quality products and transparent customer services.

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6 Tips for Buying a Water Storage Tank – Know before You Buy

Be it a commercial property, an industrial unit or a residential one, the need for water storage tanks is universal. There are many companies that manufacture and supply high quality water storage tanks in Kenya. Before investing in such products, you need to understand a few vital factors that determine the quality of these tanks.

As the buyer, you should keep a few points in mind while buying a water tank for your property.

Important Things to Note


The Purpose of Buying the Tank

Why do you need to buy the tank? Is it for commercial property or for your personal use? The tank that is suitable for a residential purpose cannot serve the industrial or commercial clients rightly. Hence, check your requirements first and then determine the right type of tank for yourself.

What Materials Are Used

Check the materials that are used in the tank to ensure safety and durability. Using tanks made by poor quality materials will put your health in risk. Moreover, they will not withstand the challenging weather conditions. You should look for water tanks made by 100% virgin material which will ensure the longest lifespan.

Does the Product Come with a Guarantee

Look for  water tanks that come with a guarantee to understand the quality of the products. The higher the quality, the better the warranty you can expect to have. In general, the top manufacturers of tanks in Kenya offer a minimum of 30 years of guarantee (If Manufacture fault) for their products to ensure a superior service to their clients.

Has the Tank Tested and Passed the QC Analysis

Before you purchase the tank from a certain manufacturer, get information about their Quality Check and Analysis procedure. The tank must go through a strict QC process before coming into the market for the final use. Ensure that the tank you are buying has passed such tests and received the best scores. This will ensure the high quality of the products and the longevity of the same as well.

What is the Experience and Reputation of the Manufacturer

Always buy loft tanks or water storage tanks in Kenya from the companies that have a significant reputation in the local market. The company should be involved in tank manufacturing and supplying for several years and have a great reputation in the market for their standard of products and services.

Know Your Requirements

Do some research about the tanks and their sizes available in the market. Try to get information about the suitable size and pattern of your water tanks from the manufacturer to get the right product within your budget.

Techno Plast Tank is not an ordinary tank manufacturing company in Kenya. We have earned our reputation and credibility in the market for our high-quality products and flawless customer services.

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