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Essential Benefits of Using Plastic Tanks Over Steel Tanks

Conventionally, the steel tanks are considered to be the first choice in terms of water storage. But they generally have some limitations. One of the most common issues experienced in steel tanks is corrosion. But, currently, you can easily find the best quality of the plastic water tanks in Kenya. Not only that, these plastic water tanks in Kenyaparticularly have a longer life.

Here are some of the integral benefits of using plastic tanks over the steel tanks.

1. The Weight of Plastic Tanks Is Much Less

Plastic water storage tanks in Kenya usually weigh less when compared to the steel tanks. As these are lightweight and so, it can be moved into position easily. This is of great advantage if there is rough or hilly terrain specifically on your property.

2. You Can Position It Easily

Before the installation of steel tanks, the surface on which the tanks sit requires some preparation. This can sometimes involve costly steel rings as well as a concrete base for preventing rusting at the bottom parts. On the other hand, the plastic water tanks in Kenya can easily fit on any flat surface.

3. Available in A Wider Variety

Steel tanks are available in circular shape with a coned roof. Although the basic form is similar, it may change in diameter. Whereas, the plastic tanks are available in many different varieties of sizes and shapes. You need to select the most suitable water tanks in Kenya according to your unique needs.

4. It Blends Better with the Landscape

When compared to the steel tanks, the plastic tasks are available in a wide variety of colours. It blends well with your home as well as with the landscape. So, these are considered to be suitable for both urban and rural use.

5. They Are Rust Free

As discussed in the above section, these plastic water tanks in Kenya are rust-free. This is considered to be one of the most significant advantages of plastic tanks over the steel tanks. You do not have to replace the plastic one as they do not rust over time. Not only that, but the plastic tanks also possess UV-inhibitors that effectively protect the tanks from degradation from sunlight.

So, the plastic tanks have several advantages when compared to the steel tanks.


How to Choose the Right Water Tank Size?

Water is an integral part of every household and living. People introduced methods to hold the water and found many solutions. The water storage tanks in Kenya have seen a rise in demand in past years. Before installing a water tank, you have to keep some valid points in mind. Let us discuss the matter in brief.

Location of the tank

You have to assess the location where you want to keep the water tank. For this water tank, a strong base is needed. If you don’t have this strong base, then there is a need to prepare one. The water tank can get placed below or above the ground. People often put their water tanks below the ground to save them from natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, etc. It is easier to repair the tank if you place the tank above the ground. Installation costs can be massive if you install the tanks underground.

Type of the tank

It may be a challenging work to choose tanks in Kenya. If you ever come across a fibreglass water tank, then that can be an excellent option for you as a fibreglass tank is very much healthy and lasts long. These water tanks Kenya don’t are corrosion free as they get made up of fibre, and the installation cost is also low.

Steel tanks are heavy, and they are not corrosion-free, but they are very much cheap and can get installed quickly. The steel tanks hold a considerable amount of water.

If you need a water tank that can get mobilized quickly, then plastic made water tanks are the best fit option. They are easy to install; also, you don’t need to care about the leaks. Also, these polythene water tanks are pocket friendly.

Before installing a tank, always grab expert advice from the companies. Don’t forget about the loft tanks in Kenya for indoors.

Colour of the tank

The tanks in Kenya have different colour variants of tanks. These water storage tanks in Kenya are generally plastic ones, and one should prefer dark colours for it.

Size of the tank

The size of the water tank is entirely based on how much water you’re going to store.

Loft tanks in Kenya can be a great option if you choose to store a small amount of water. If you are looking for durable water tanks, then contact Techno Plus Ltd. today.




Techno-Tanks, a subsidiary of Techno-PlastLimited, one of the leading plastic water tank manufacturers in Kenya. Over the years Techno-Plast has perfected the art of roto moulding; manufacture the best quality tanks from 100% virgin material making their tanks the longest lasting. All their tanks have an inner layer of special UV stabilised material that gives the tank anti-microbial properties. The secret to their success is that they never compromise in quality and are always focused on customer satisfaction.

Techno-Tanks targets the middle to lower-end markets with a 40:60% division of sales. Their annal turnover for the last few financial year was 1.3 Billion with the demand constantly grown.

Techno-Tanks future for the next 5-10 years is expected to have a massive turnover growth in the market share with the demand for quality tanks ever increasing. Their expected turnover forecast for the next ten years is revenue of 5 Billion.


In 2018 Techno-Tanks launched a 30000 litres tank size. This tank was the biggest in Kenya ever and was a marvel that all wanted to see.

In 2019-20 Techno-Tanks was awarded Superbrands status recognition for their achievements.



In 1994, Mayur Shah and Himesh Shah set up Techno-Tanks operations on Lunga Lunga Rd. They started with a production of 20 tons  in a month and a minimum staff. As demand grew they increased the production gradually. However, one major obstacle they had was finding delivery trucks to deal with the increasing demand. The substantial growth in production started when they installed a new Reinhardt machine, which started producing more tonnage in 2018.

Techno-Plast Limited: The 25-year journey of moulding a household name and the building blocks that have shaped the business.

25 years since it first set up shop, Techno-Plast Limited has evolved from a humble hardware company to a manufacturing behemoth and a household name in tanks manufacturing business. But the ethos of quality, service and customer satisfaction gave remained constant.



Techno-Tanks produce more than your average water tanks. They believe “Nature is colourful and so is your life”. Their products have style and aesthetic; as well as being practical and durable.


Water Tanks

These water tanks come in a variety of sizes and colours. Techno-Tanks believe that water tanks should be a part of the aesthetic, complimenting the exterior instead of being an eyesore. Thus, in addition to the basic black and white, they provide the options of blue, orange and green. These are just the beginning, as they plan to add more styles and colours to the existing range.


  • 100% Virgin Material
  • FDA grade material
  • Stylish design
  • Special UV stabilised material added
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Available in Blue, Green & Orange colours


Large Tanks

Clean and secure water conservation has been a key hinderance in Kenya. Techno-plast has invested in a new plant that produces a massive variety of tank sizes ranging from 200 litres all the way up-to 30,000 litres. This allows them to cater to every type of consumer, from small households to large households to large scale agricultural projects.


  • 100% Virgin Material
  • FDA grade material
  • Stylish design
  • Special UV Stabilizer & anti-microbial
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hygienic, Durable double layer tank
  • Capacity available from 100 to 30,000 litres


Loft Water tanks

Providing water storage and transportation solutions are one of the major forays of Techno-plast since its inception. Techno-plast Loft-tanks are available in 500 L – 1000 L capacities. These tanks are made of virgin material and are in a slim rectangular cube shape, making them easy to install anywhere.  These tanks’ durable construction makes them capable of with-standing the weight and constant proximity of water. No seepage,no dampness and no rusting in bathrooms; while saving on space. These tanks come in a variety of colours to blending in and compliment your interiors. They are built seamlessly hence durable and hygienic.


  • 100% Virgin Material
  • FDA grade material
  • Stylish design
  • Special UV stabilised material added
  • Durable
  • Hygienic and odourless
  • Available in Blue, Green & Orange colours


Septic Tanks

Techno septic tanks are highly efficiency, self-contained underground wastewater treatment system. These systems treat and dispose of waste in a safe and eco-friendly way. The are more economical and save having to connect to the central sewage system. The tanks are made from the highest quality and go through a vigorous testing process.


Underground Tanks

Techno-plast underwater tanks are safe and pure. Made in the state of art plant with cutting edge technology.

These tanks are the perfect replacement of brick and cement tanks of the past. The underground tanks are made from a one-piece model without any joints, seams or welds. They are impermeable to tree roots and are 100% rustproof and leakproof. They are perfect for durable and economical solutions.



Techno-Tanks are exploring further expansion by increasing and updating their machinery, as well as expanding their existing fleet of trucks to meet the ever-growing demand of their products.

They are also exploring expansion into other major cities in the country including Kisumu, Mombasa and even neighbouring countries.

Techno-Tanks plans to diversify their portfolio and introduced products that are in demand from the agricultural sector, supermarkets and hotels. They have recently introduced cattle troughs for farmers that are practising zero-grazing and silage tanks to preserve animal feed for long periods of time, especially during prolonged dry spells which takes a toll on the available pasture.



Techno-Tanks promote and introduce their products through the standard print media and national newspapers. In addition to this, they also have an online presence via Facebook and OLX. However, their greatest promotional tool is the product itself. The reputation of the product and the “word of mouth” is what made a real difference. Professionals and individuals all recognise the quality, availability and variety this brand offers.




To become a company that constantly strives for quality and customer satisfaction by providing quality water tanks and other multipurpose plastic products with global benchmarks, excelling with an emphasis on best business and ethical practises with strong organisational values and justifying the interests of all their countries.



To bring the industry a new standard of quality, craftsmanship, safety and technical support at a competitive price while making customer satisfaction their top priority, working diligently to ensure that client projects have their full attention and absolute focus at all stages.



Trust and quality remain the core values. The entire team always endeavours to deliver what is promised to reach total customers satisfaction. Their values are positioned to be technology-driven continuously upgrading their products with advanced manufacturing facilities adding benefits to the customers.


Techno-Tanks key drivers are quality and service. They sell tanks to customers that ill last them a lifetime.

Techno-Tanks ensure that they deliver the ordered tanks right to the doorstep saving the hassle of transportation logistics thanks to their fleet of over 30 well-maintained trucks.

Techno-Tanks also gives customers gutters which are produced by their sister company Metro Plastics and this has particularly been well received by those looking or water harvesting solutions in the wake of water scarcity.

Techno-Tanks is the only company in Kenya that manufactures quality water tanks that have up-to 30 years lifetime guarantee.

Techno-Tanks offer custom moulding solutions based on a customer’s specific applications.

Techno-Tanks 100% virgin material; this guarantees the quality and durability of the tanks.

Techno-Tanks unique double-layered tanks have an outer black layer, and an inner white layer with UV stabilised materials that give the tanks anti-microbial properties. This makes the tanks safe for storing drinking water by preventing growth of algae inside



Top 5 Benefits of Having Underground Water Tanks at Your Property

There can be above-ground or underground water tanks that can be used as the prime source of water at your property. While you can usually see above-ground water tanks in most of the properties in Kenya, an underground water tank is a good alternative to this method. Both the commercial and the residential properties can have underground water tanks in Kenya and enjoy some distinct benefits of the same.

Before you invest in any of these types of water tanks, it will be good for you to know about the advantages of underground water tanks.

What Is An Underground Water Tank

As the name suggests, this is a kind of storage device that is installed under the ground with the purpose of storing water; mainly rainwater. These tanks are specially designed not to leak. Moreover, they are installed in such a manner that only water can get into them, but they will not let in insects or any kind of contamination.

You should buy the products from the top water tank manufacturers in Kenya to obtain the best underground tanks for your property.

The Top Advantages

  1. You can install them anywhere under the ground at your property. Ideally, they should be placed under the driveways or the lawn. Hence, you can save a good amount of space when you choose underground water tanks over the conventional above-ground ones.
  2. Since they are underground, aesthetically they do not have any existence in your property. Therefore, the exterior design or plan of your property does not need any changes because of the underground tank installation. These tanks will not have any impact on the curb appeal of your property.
  3. Underground tanks in Kenya are safe from any type of tampering, damage or vandalism. Even if there is heavy rain, hailstorm or cyclone happening in your area, that underground tank will remain safe and unharmed, unlike the over ground water tanks.
  4. You can keep the water stored in your underground water tanks as a reserved alternative whenever the city water supply is down. That means you do not need to get worried about the low supply of city water. You do not need to face water crisis when you have rainwater stored inside your underground water tanks.
  5. These types of water tanks Kenya can be used in all kinds of properties. Whether it is a commercial property, an industrial unit or a residential one – you can ask the best tank manufacturers and installer to work on your property and get the best underground water tanks.

These tanks must be manufactured and installed by experienced and reliable tank supply companies. You can have Techno Plast Tank right beside you for this. We have been doing this business for several years and have gained a reputation in the market for our top quality products and transparent customer services.

Please give us a call to know in details about our products.