Portable Techno transportation tanks provides a great solution for transporting and storing liquids such as fertilizer, pesticides and water for various use. Our portable septic water tanks are designed to assist with multiple solutions involving transportation and storage needs.

These tank models can easily fit on trailers, tractors, back of a pick-ups, probox, lorries and other transportation mediums and are designed specifically to help meet and ease all your liquid storage/transportation needs.




Our plastic transportation/storage tanks are a favorite among many for various liquid transportation needs as their unique shape and low center of gravity help increase stability in mobility.

Our unique yet efficient portable septic tanks can be used in various multiple applications. Some of the most common uses for these tanks include:

  • Water transportation
  • Mounted on tractors for spraying chemicals/fertilizer
  • Agricultural in watering crops
  • Lawn/landscaping watering
  • Spraying of pesticides
  • Water storge
  • Portable car wash