Techno underground water tanks

Techno underground water tanks with a spherical shape is designed to offer you a stable, firm, and required strength for storing water underneath. Our underground water tanks serve as an economical alternative of storing underground water when compared to septic water systems.
Unlike concrete septic water tanks that allows roots to penetrate through, and growth of uncontrollable algae, at Techno tanks we value quality for customers hence Techno tanks are manufactured with hygienic standards and strong enough to withstand root force to break through or sediments getting into the tank. This ensures safe water for drinking, and avoiding leakage.

Techno tanks underground water tanks solutions can be primarily used for:
1. Storing rain water, county water supply.
2. Storing safe drinking water.
3. Water for irrigation systems.
4. Waste water disposal, or as an underground cistern.

Techno underground tanks are easy to install, can be used both for commercial or domestic purposes.

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4 thoughts on “Techno underground water tanks

  1. Cleophas Mutoro

    urgently send me detailed bronchure of underground plastic tanks for use with rain water harvesting and prices for various sizes. Do you deliver?

  2. Dalmas

    Do you have techno tank capacity 20,000 liters for underground drinking water storage, both county/rain water? How much is it? I am based in Kwale town, able to deliver it?

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