The importance of water can never be neglected as it is essential for our survival. People have to store water for various domestic and industrial purposes and have developed a wide variety of water storage solutions. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for high-quality water storage tanks and the market has started growing at a rapid pace. If you are  planning to install a water storage tank in your home or office, make sure you choose the right product which fits your needs.

3 Vital Things To Consider When Choosing Water Storage Tanks In Kenya


  • Location

Choosing the right water storage tank will become easier if you first consider its location. If you notice that the foundation is not quite strong, you might require some extra preparations before installing the tank. Generally, people prefer installing them above or below the ground. The tanks installed above the ground have a simpler structure, are less expensive and follows an easy installation process.

If damage develops over time, you can spot it with ease and fix it without any special tool. If you don’t want your water storage tanks to sustain damages due to accidents or storms, install it below the ground. They offer easy maintenance and have a consistent temperature irrespective of the outside temperature.

  • Material

Visit any reputed manufacturer of water storage tanks in Kenya and they will let you choose from a wide variety of materials. Steel water tanks are not only bigger but also stronger. They are cost-effective, offer fast installation and have huge capacities. If your objective is to install a durable water tank, choose fiberglass. They are lightweight and installing them is simple. You don’t have to worry about a fiberglass tank corroding or rusting.

Plastic or polythene water storage tanks are generally preferred by those with a tight budget. Since plastic is a very light material, you can install and re-install the tank at any location of your choice. You don’t need a very strong foundation or worry about leaks. Discuss your water storage needs with a company manufacturing tanks in Kenya and they will suggest the right material.

  • Size And Colour

The size of the water tank is completely dependent on your water storage needs. The ones used for industrial purposes have a storage capacity of thousands of litres. If you want to install one outside your house to collect rainwater, choose one with a 1320 gallons capacity. Calculating how much water you need is more important than you think if you don’t want to go overboard. Underestimating your needs is a strict no-no!

As far as the colour of your water tanks in Kenya is concerned, it is dependent on the material. If you are planning to install plastic tanks, choose dark colours like black or dark green. They prevent sunlight from entering the tank which can accelerate the growth of algae.

Consider the points stated above and you can choose the right water storage tank.