Water storage is one of the prime concerns for commercial property owners in Kenya. They often look for top water tank manufacturers in Kenya who can offer the best products at the right price.

While shopping for the most useful water storage tank for a commercial property, one should know all the types of tanks available in the market. The options are many. You should choose the right one based on your requirement and budget. Not all tanks are good for indoor use. Some need to be placed outdoor, and you should choose them accordingly.

Some of the Most Common Types of Tanks

  • Underground Fibreglass Tanks: These tanks are versatile and highly recommended for commercial uses. You can save space with underground tanks.
  • Folding Tanks: If you find it difficult to store water for a regular supply, you can look for folding tanks. They are easy to set up as per your specific requirements. When you need water supply in remote farms or firefighting situations, you can consider these tanks.
  • Steel Tanks: When you need large storage capability for your commercial property, steel tank is the right option for you. You can store a lot of water in these tanks for commercial and industrial use.
  • Plastic Tanks: Plastic water tanks are probably the most used type of tanks in Kenya. They are widely used for both domestic and commercial use. They come with multiple benefits which make them an easy and right choice for commercial properties located in Nairobi and adjoining areas.

Benefits of Plastic Water Tanks

  1. Plastic water tanks are lighter than steel and other types of tanks. You can easily transport and install them.
  2. Since they are light in weight, they are easy-to-position at your commercial property. These tanks can sit on any flat surface.
  3. A wide range of plastic tanks is available in Kenya. You can have short and tall plastic water storage tanks in Kenya to fulfil your need for storing water for commercial purposes.
  4. Long-lasting plastic tanks can be an excellent investment for every business owner. They are rust and corrosion-resistant. Hence, you can enjoy their service for a more extended period.
  5. You can easily use the water stored in plastic tanks for drinking, cooking and other purposes because they are not toxic and do not have any negative impact on human health.

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