The job of a Water Storage Tanks is simple; storing water and supplying it as per the needs of users. It holds water that comes from a central water supply system or other water filter systems so that you can use it later as per your requirements. When you decide to shop for tanks in Kenya, you would be amazed to see the wide range of products. These tanks are available in various sizes, materials, designs and specifications.

One can see the use of water storage tanks in Kenya in different sectors. Residential, commercial and industrial water storage units are very popular in the local market.

The Common Uses of Water Storage Tanks

Storing Drinking Water: Be it your office or home, you can store drinking water in these tanks. The tank will receive the water from your reverse osmosis system or your area’s central water supply system. You can get it right from the tank anytime you want.

Use for Household Works: That same water can be used for everyday household chores in your home. From bathing to washing dishes – you can use that water daily for various tasks.

Irrigation and Landscaping: You can use water storage containers to store water for landscaping and irrigation tasks. These tanks will become a large supply of water daily for your lawn, garden, landscape and farming fields.

Fire Fighting: Areas that have threats of sudden fire breakout should have water storage tanks to store water that can be used for fire fighting. You can use large pipes and pumps to use the water directly from the tank to the fire-affected areas.

Industrial and Commercial Areas: Apart from residential areas, there are various commercial and industrial sectors where these tanks are highly useful. Water is stored in these areas for daily operations and manufacturing of goods. From agriculture to construction – the list of areas is quite long.

Emergency: In case of emergency uses, one can use underground water tanks to store and supply water for various purposes. If your regular water supply is stopped due to some unavoidable reasons, you can use the water stored in these tanks for several days.

Buying the Right Tank

With so many options and varieties in the market, you might find it confusing to choose the right tank. It would help if you focused on;

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Pattern
  4. Cost
  5. Manufacturer

A good manufacturer and supplier always help clients to find the most accurate product as per their preferences.

Techno Plast Limited has vast experience in the industry of water storage tanks manufacturing and supplying in Kenya. We have a wide range of tanks that can be used for different purposes.

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